Hue Royal Cuisine

Cuisine is always one of the favorite topics to the foodies. Now, if we visit Hue in Vietnam, we can see that cuisine is not only an art but also a culture, which gives the ultimate pleasure in our life. As the imperial capital of Vietnam, Hue is the pride to the country. For all tourists and residents, Hue offers royal dishes to give a majestic treatment.

How Hue chefs make their dishes different

There is really something aesthetic in the culinary traditions in Hue. In the presentation of every food, one can find the unique color combination and decoration. One of the culinary specialists in Vietnam has stated that the chefs add species in a different to create a special tang. For instance, they use pepper more than one time to prepare the meal (while blending ingredients, during cooking process and before giving a finishing touch). The foods with royal and distinctive taste have also eye-catching look.

The royal touch of the Hue cuisine can be experienced, if we look back at Hue festival in 2014. From chicken salad to potato cake, everything was included in this celebration. The cooks’ team has not only garnished the foods but also designed special plates and bowls. The sophisticated look of these foods is really incomparable. The chopsticks, offered with the food dishes, were designed with from precious and high-quality wood or ivory.

In the past, royal dishes were prepared only for the Kings, and then the rich families had started choosing them for the party or special occasion. Nowadays, meat pie and Nem Chua have become very common food in Hue.

Hue foods only for the vegetarians

The vegetarian food category also includes one hundred and twenty five dishes. Nguyen dynasty had lots of vegetarian members, and so, these foods were very popular to them.

Hue is one of the Buddhist sites, and vegetarian meals are much preferable at this place. The chefs try to reproduce the flavor of every dish in a different way. The non-vegetarian menu also comprises grilled meat and fish sauce. Seafoods are also tastier as the chefs maintain a salt balance, and add herbs, such as, citronella and mint. Though other places in Vietnam have also these foods, there is something diverse in Hue. The dessert lovers have also a good chance of enjoying sweet rice, sweet flavored bean soup or soup with lotus seeds. So, taste these royal foods, while listening to music.